The mission of the Foundation is to promote patronage in the plastic arts

Carmen Reviriego

President of Callia Foundation

Carmen Reviriego is President of Callia Foundation and promoter of the “Ibero-American Awards of Patronage” and “The Luck of Giving”, two initiatives that bring together the great business leaders and main Ibero-American institutions around the social commitment with art.

She is the author of four books related to philanthropy and art patronage published by Grupo Planeta and which are already part of the recommended literature of some of the most prestigious art universities in Latin America. Carmen is also author of FORBES magazine, with which she publishes regularly conversations with great patrons. In addition, she is one of the 25 directives that co-star the book “1858 questions to successful women”.

She is also a member of the Cultural Committee of the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute and the Editorial Board of Forbes Life Latin America for art issues.

In addition, Carmen Reviriego is founding partner of Callia, company that works in Spain and Latin America dedicated to art advisory from an artistic and social perspective. Project from which she received in 2007 a national recognition for business innovation and was chosen by the Institute of Enterprise, ESADE and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Spain as one of the most important directives of the country.

During the last 20 years she has worked advising great family heritages. She studied Marketing at ESIC & Business School and Florida Atlantic University; Businesses at IESE University of Navarra; Finance at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Art at the Sotheby’s Art Institute.

Amadeo Petitbò

Secretary of the Board

Professor of Applied Economics at the Complutense University of Madrid, vice president of the Spanish Association of Foundations and former director of the Rafael del Pino Foundation. He has been granted among others with the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit.

Amadeo Petitbò has a degree in Political, Economic and Commercial Sciences from the University of Barcelona. Doctor in Economics Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, adjunct professor numerary in 1983 and since 1986 he is professor of Applied Economics at the University of Barcelona.

He has been researcher at The London School of Economics and visiting professor at the Universities of Warwick, Perpignan, Pavia and Barcelona. During the years 1989 to 1990 he was director of the Department of Political Economy, Public Finance and Tax Law of the University of Barcelona.

In 1999 he entered as academic at the Royal Academy of Doctors and was named Economist of Merit by the College of Economists of Catalonia. Expert on issues related to foundations, the law and the economy of markets and competition.