Inspire through the example

Bring closer philanthropy to the most resourceful people in Ibero-America through the example of philanthropists and patrons of reference who share with them their personal experiences in this field.

The Initiative

The Luck of Giving follows a dream: to “agitate”, “change” and why not say “modernize” our society and companies in the field of social commitment. Today we are all more aware than ever that it is the time of the ideas, to pursue ideals, that our society needs new leaders, people with ethical and moral convictions and with the courage to act according them. A committed philanthropist is carrier of all these values, this is the reason that justifies our respect and admiration for all citizens who care about their peers.

The Meetings

Manuel Arango

In the third meeting of The Luck of Giving 2014, Mexico City.

Adriana Cisneros

In the second meeting of The Luck of Giving 2012, Rafael del Pino Foundation, Madrid.

Eileen Rockefeller

In the first meeting of The Luck of Giving 2011, Juan March Foundation, Madrid.

The “Lucky Ones”

The Luck of Giving also is created with the purpose of recognizing and spreading the social work carried out by these GREAT PEOPLE, with capital letters, committed to others, who have been able to put their wealth, time and resources at the service of the common good with the purpose of contributing to create an organized civil society.