The Luck of Giving

It is a social initiative whose mission is to bring closer philanthropy to people with greater economic resources through the example of reference patrons and philanthropists who share with them their life experience in this field.

It aims to influence, no less relevant, in the crucial idea that the common good is not only a responsibility of public administrations, but something that individually and collectively concerns each and every one of us, jointly responsible for this society of that we are part of.

Thanks to all the “lucky ones” who have generously shared their experience as philanthropists and patrons for their trust, something that we feel as an enormous responsibility.

The Meetings

III Meeting of The Luck of Giving, 2014

Palacio de los Condes de San Mateo de Valparaíso, Mexico City.

II Meeting of The Luck of Giving, 2012

Rafael del Pino Foundation, Madrid.

I Meeting of The Luck of Giving, 2011

Juan March Foundation, Madrid.